The Adventures of Tintin: Mystery At the Shark Lake
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Shark lake: headquarters for a worldwide art theft operation... Professor Calculus: experimenting with new technology by the lake... Tintin: on holidays in the Vicinity... and Rastapopoulos behind it all... Will Calculus ever finish up? Will Tintin solve the mystery? Will the evil Rastapopoulos go free?

User Reviews
hewy756 2019-01-10
The best cartoon I have seen in a long time.

Tiffany127655 2012-03-03
The adventures of tintin is my favorite comic books. I loved the movie!!! 😃😃😃

David Inchausti 2012-02-04
Why do they still not have the original Tintin books out for sale?! They have books for the movie but not the original comics?!?!? Come on iTunes, put them on!

melriddle 2011-12-31
When I was kid, I loved to watch and read the comics. I wish they provide closed caption or subtitled for English on it.

Tupilzin 2011-12-29
The Adventures of this film somehow remind me of days of a child in your own fantasy. That's what the special magic of Tintin does! Even if the plot is not your type, it releases an adventure inside all of us!