Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure (Dora the Explorer)
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¡Feliz Navidad! It's Christmas time, but Swiper is up to no good! After he lands on Santa's naughty list, Dora must help the sneaky fox discover the true spirit of Christmas. You can help too as you join Dora in this retelling of a holiday classic!

User Reviews
Clynoth 2019-12-02

Audrey parish 2018-11-10
Is swiper Supposed to be Ebenezer Scrooge this movie looks dumb I wouldn’t buy it maybe for a little kid but definitely not for someone who actually likes the book by Charles dickens

LauraBLB 2015-10-20
This is the same 47 minutes episode that they sold on iTunes in 2010 for $3.99. They removed that version from iTunes and replaced it with this one, label this one as “movie” and sell this one for $9.99. So customers who bought the earlier version without backing it up can no longer enjoy it, and have to pay another $9.99 for the same content. What a rip-off! Why do I have to pay twice for the same content?

Savannah Jordan 2013-12-27
Dora is the worst most stupid show EVER! Do NOT spend your Money on this cause its a big waste!!!!! By: Pegasister4life

Littlewitch86 2013-12-01
I like the movie I watch with my kids all the time

ILuvMusic6627 2013-11-29
The lowest quality and worst show EVER.

Ms.hugs 2013-01-24
I love this movie

Gemlynch5011 2012-12-23
How long is this movie?

BluesClues Fan! 2011-11-15
I love this movie!! I'm so happy I can watch it on my ipad all the time now!! I can't wait for Christmas. I hope there are more movies soon. I love Dora!