Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure
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Walt Disney's Beloved Classic continues with a whole new breed of Disney fun in Lady And The Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure. Join Jock, Trusty and all the characters you love as they meet a new generation of hilarious canine characters in this heartwarming adventure. Lady and Tramp have their paws full raising mischievous Scamp who's always in the doghouse. Longing for freedom, Scamp ventures far from home and joins the notorious Junkyard Dogs. With both his idol, the streetwise Buster, and a sweet and sensible stray named Angel tugging at his heart, Scamp is faced with the ultimate decision: living a collar-free life or the pampered life at home.

User Reviews
kakkqka 2020-10-12
This like the last one bust with the babies

Game8oy123 2018-12-13
The movie and the songs are amazing. There should be a sequel to this that focuses on angel.

Lexia student NMUSD 2018-11-16
Can you please bring the price down to $7.00 please, or $9.00

Tebowfan1524 2013-04-22
This is one of the most romantic Disney movies ever so is the first one. A great watch with your kids, your family or girlfriend if your in the mood. Wish they would make a soundtrack.

Jane06happy 2012-08-26
I want the this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vaca mrsdish 2012-08-10
It's a great movie for the family. Love it! I just wish they had the soundtack for the movie.

Gamemyday 2012-08-08
Disney's animated classic once again inspires us with the heartwarming sensation in yet another installment of "Lady and the and the Tramp." True to its parent film, it continues the legacy of streetwise, mastermind Tramp, as his son Scamp attempts to take the reins of the street as his father did before him. In the mist of triumph, Scamp realizes the one thing that really matters is the people (and dogs) that love and care for one another. Let this film be a lesson to our youth as they matter and become the bright young minds of tomorrow and forever. As far as I am concerned, this movie is worth more then just a rental, it should be allowed to be purchased so that this inspiriting tale will become more mobile as we breath.

Aleacia 2012-08-07
It was so adorable. It was similar to the 1st movie, but not exactly the same, keeping you on your toes the whole time. I would recommend to everyone and anyone :)

KJs Appeal 2012-08-07
This is one of those sequels that I really enjoyed...PLEASE let us purchase it.