Adventures of the Wilderness Family
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The Wilderness Family is based on a true story of a modern day family who became bored with the

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The Wilderness Family is based on a true story of a modern day family who became bored with the hassles of the city life in Los Angeles and moved to the Rocky Mountains, never to return. Skip Robinson and his wife Pat, along with their two children, Jenny and Toby, begin an incredible encounter with nature. After building a log cabin in a peaceful mountainous area, the family befriends a pair of bear cubs and is menaced by a ferocious grizzly. Share all the excitement with your family by collecting the first movie in the Wilderness Family trilogy.

User Reviews
Gummiwise 2018-04-24
Putting this movie on and curling up on the sofa, you find yourself instantly relaxed and transported to a simpler place. The nature photography is gorgeous. The remastered image quality is great for a film of this age. Young and old alike will be entertained by the family’s adventures and their interactions with nature. Be sure to also check out the two sequels, as well.

Papermaiden 2014-12-26
It’s a modern Little House on the Prairie. Entertaining and there are many little wilderness lessons to learn - like don’t feed the bears or play in the wildcat dens. There are many moments in the film when you may say to yourself “We should live in the woods but maybe not that far out in the woods, perhaps Vermont.” Whole family will love it!

christhelawman 2014-06-20
Thankful that this great family film is out in a format ready for the 21st century! I grew up loving this film and my children have loved it as well. It sparks their imagination that we don’t have to depend on technology to have fun and that the family is the most valuable thing we’re given.

The Freecandy 2013-07-05
And flippin loved it. I can still watch it and it reminds of the 70's. I saw it with mny mom and sister ,maybe my dad, I'm not sure, anyway, it is very fun and good for familys.