The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
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Two drag queens and a transsexual get a cabaret gig in the middle of the desert

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Two drag queens and a transsexual get a cabaret gig in the middle of the desert.

User Reviews
Trucking 1965 2019-03-11
One of the best lgbtq movies ever produced. The acting and plot were spot on. The character development was great as was the production values. All of these above average attributes makes this movie a classic and an enjoyable movie to watch again and again. Terrance Stamp was robbed of the Oscar. He was nominated, but his turn as a transgender character was one of his best roles ever in his long acting history.

mischy72 2018-10-13
Amazing actors! Fabulous costumes. I loved this movie.

Aunts Charlie 2017-09-20
This story was so Real for I have known Men whose life was to entertain in drag and in this movie it shows the true life of a Man in drag, hard work- ALL around.

Rudy_Chasal 2017-06-07
This is a great film, away ahead of its time. It's too bad there was no commentary and other special features. A sequel would have been great to find out what happened with Bernardette and Bob, and the other two guys.

natashaspy55 2017-04-17
When I first saw this movie I knew that Terence Stamp was straight but hadn't seen Hugo Weaving or Guy Pearce in anything yet. They are all such great actors I believed they truly were drag queens. I laughed, I cried, I was dazzled. And then there are those amazing costumes, so unique and creative they won the Oscar that year. I'm not sure how many times I've seen it but it has to be well over a dozen. It's not just the best LGBT movie. It's one of the best movies in general. You know how good it is? It actually made me an ABBA fan, seriously. This is my favorite movie. Enjoy!

KyleJH1995 2015-06-24
Priscilla is definitely one of my all time favorite movies, one that will be a classic for me and I'll always rewatch it as a get older.

slainna1 2015-06-08
It was a fun, light-hearted movie to watch, and I would happily watch it again. Also, Agent Smith in drag

JeffyleniumUSA 2015-04-03
One of the best movie ever. Funny, touching, irresistible. The message is clear and universal. All these 3 big actors give one of their best performance. A must see!

roachgallery 2014-01-04
This is one of the best LGBTQA films of all time! Correction, it is the best LGBTQA film of all time! I have been waiting impatiently for this to hit iTunes for years! I am so happy that it has arrived! Download it now. You will be glad you did!

AppsOnTheSubway 2013-12-26
What needs to be said that can’t be seen in this classic? Filled with more eyeliner and one-liners than a Joan Rivers concert, Priscilla is not just the queen of the desert but of all the drag queen films, including Some Like It Hot and The Birdcage. There are more sight gags, fabulous outfits, quirky characters, and sheer lunacy than one could ever dream possible in one film. But what makes it so special are the three leads - and would anyone have predicted that Agent Smith, Ed Exley, and The Limey would be so convincing as Mitzi, Felicia, and Bernadette? No matter how un/comfortable you are with men dressed as women, if this film doesn’t make you laugh and tug at your emotions, you should check for a pulse. Rent/buy it already!