College Musical
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The film follows college freshman Cooper (Sam Tsui) as he attempts to win the heart of his teaching

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The film follows college freshman Cooper (Sam Tsui) as he attempts to win the heart of his teaching assistant, Bianca (Allison Williams - "Girls"). Cooper is so enamored with Bianca that he cannot pay attention in English class during a midterm and is set to lose his college scholarship if his performance does not improve. Enter Nate (Miles Jacoby) and Lubo (Brennan Caldwell), Cooper's two roommates, who decide he must seduce his TA once and for all to boost his grade and overcome his insecurities about women. But Cooper ends up falling for his classmate Jackie (Julie Shain) instead, a girl he originally sees as a stepping stone in his path to romance with Bianca. In an additional twist, Jackie and Bianca are competing against each other in a prestigious essay contest, and Bianca turns into the movie's villain when her plans for winning the contest go awry. Without spoiling the rest, there has to be mention of a student with man-child syndrome (a fictional disease in which a grown man reverts to the mind and behavior of a child) who provides humor and is a crucial part of the plot. Being a musical, the film tells the story through a mix of spoken dialogue and spirited, vibrant song.

User Reviews
DylanMarkMurphy 2017-01-07
This is so cheesy, but so creative and brilliant! It's great and the music is so brilliant! Bought the movie and the album! This is the best!

emmilayee 2016-01-11
Definitely worth the 4 year wait! It was everything I had hoped for and more!

Ang867 2015-07-04
I had been following the original series since 2009(ish) and was so bummed that they didn’t finish it. However, I am glad I get to own it now and watch it whenever I want. You can definitely tell the originality they put into it as well as taking the time to make it into a movie was well worth the wait. I like that it’s independent and not main stream. The settle humor keeps one engaged throughout and the tunes (kind of predictable) however are catchy, beautiful, and meaningful. I hope they take time and do another movie (not a sequel) just something else.

Leanne1672 2015-03-09
This movie is great. I've had "I wanna bone my TA" playing in my head ever since I saw it.

Wooohoowooohoooooo 2014-11-12
Great Movies!! Sam is the perfect Cooper :)

Megatonabomb 2014-09-05
Totally worth waiting 4 years for. Kurt is so talented, as are the actors in this movie! After one watch, you will never get the line "I wanna bone my TA" out of your head. Watched the live stream premier on youtube and knew I HAD to buy it. Really, I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you're still not convinced, check out the episodes of College Musical on Kurt's youtube page. While the movie doesn't follow those exactly, you can get an idea of what kind of humor to expect from the movie.

dannylam123 2014-09-04
I saw the movie on youtube it was amazing i totally recommend buying this movie!!!

Littlepinkowl15 2014-09-03
This movie is amazing!! The singing is beautiful, amazing acting and awesome editing!! Its funny, moving and the songs are perfect for the movie. Made me cry more then once. I wouldn't let kids under 13 years old to watch because it has some suggestive sexual content. But other then that LOVE THE MOVIE!!! And if you don't know who Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui, where have you been all your life!! And listen to them they're AMAZING ❤️❤️

Beltzj12 2014-09-03
I was there in watching the live stream….all I can say is Kurt and Sam and the rest of the crew and cast worked really hard to make this film. Granted there were some cliche stuff and odd randoms but it was so funny to watch and beautifully written! The music was funny and also great! The acting was by far the best in this movie! BIG PROPS to Kurt and Sam! I got to meet Sam last year and he is one of the sweetest guys ever! GREAT JOB GUYS! *HUGS* <3 Fan for life! :) #CollegeMusical

Abby :1 2014-09-03
This movie is wonderful! I loved it so much. Kurt Schneider did an amazing job directing and with all of the writing he did along side Andrew Johnson and Jake Bruene. also very well acted! The Actors all did a fantastic job. I loved Sam as Cooper. Also I really loved the man child. There was such wonderful juxtaposition not only in his height and deepness of voice when he reverted back to a child like state, but the pure fact that one with such an illness could be so Elloquent and Brillaint when not shackled by the disease. My only thing i didn't love about the movie was how perverted Nate is. But keeping in mind this was written by college boys I can understand why it's there. And honestly it doesn't at all take away from how amazing the film was, how well written it was, or how well acted it was. I applaud everyone involved in making the movie on what a great job they did! <3 <3

Bjet324 2014-09-03
THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Hilarious and touching too. Most definitely about to buy this on iTunes.

Jebrim 2014-09-03
haha that was such a fun movie to watch. Definitely something I’ll watch again and again! Great soundtrack as well. Loved it!

Tweetybrd09 2014-09-03
props to Kurt! This movie was really good! Totally worth buying :)

dannyfeshanny 2014-09-02
Kurt is an amazing director and Sam is the prefect Cooper! I’m watching th movie over and over again!

Perry Nguyen 2014-06-22
Once this movie comes out, it's gonna be one of the best musical movies out there, it could even be as great as High School Musical, maybe greater. Having to work on this for 5 years must mean that they're putting a lot of time and effort to make this an amazing movie

AngryExTumblrUser 2014-06-12
I can't wait!

Krystal Parise 2014-05-06
Was this worth almost 5 years of waiting? Well for me 2 years of sitting everyday contemplating what would happen next? Would he bone his TA? Would he not? The answer is yes. From the preview this is going to be well worth the wait. I think all your fans are going to love it and the fact you've made us wait so long will make everyone enjoy it 10x more!! But seriously. Knowing I only have to wait a few months to know if Sam well cooper ever got with his TA is like insane! I'm dying to know what happens next and it'll finally be here in a few months!! You guys are doing amazing!(:

KaylaTsui98 2014-05-04
This is gonna be so awesomeeeee! It's finally almost here and I can't believe it! The trailer looks amazing and I can't even imagine how good the movie is going to be :D