Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure
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Get ready for another British invasion! The super-cute, talented twosome of Sophia Grace and Rosie

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Get ready for another British invasion! The super-cute, talented twosome of Sophia Grace and Rosie became an Internet sensation with their remarkable viral videos. Then the duo sang and danced their way to stardom on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they regularly report from the red carpet. Now see the little, lovable performers in their very own original live-action movie!

User Reviews
Stjay 2019-01-18
I love Sophia Grace and Rosie like OMG I want to be a famous singer and go to AGT and the ellenShow I’m big fan of them I want to meet them in person

best friend is movies 2018-09-15
Horrible movie it does not interest me and my family

😮M G 2018-01-21
So awesome! I’m already addicted

Merkitty😻 2018-01-03
Super cute kids. But just because the kids are great actors doesn’t mean the other actors are that good

Cupcakesugarlol 2016-02-26
This movie is entertaining and adorable! I watch it over and over! 100% 5 stars

Jaycieeeeeeeeeee 2015-11-05
So good best movie ever

Glam gal gretch 2014-11-30
Parents to daughters they will love it and it really quiets them down for some peace and quiet

#autumlover101 2014-09-28
Yeah, what makes these two adorable girls any diferent than any other youtuber?I give them points for cuteness and good voices, but if your gonna be poplular through movies, I would ask to be in an X-man movie or somthing. And how the heck did they go from youtube vidios to a major motion picture? nuts, anyone?

Dancemomslover17 2014-09-06
I absolutely loved what I saw. Who can hate these girls. If you hate this movie then shame on you. I just wish that Rosie would sing a lot more because both in Sam and cat and the movie she's more of a backup,helping Sophia grace. Like that sort of thing. So if there is a sequel I hope that Sophia grace and Rosie switch places so that Rosie would sing a little more.

Miss poopsy 2014-08-15
I love them I love this movie more than anything else I watched it like 1000 times

xoMalloriexo 2014-08-14
They are such spoiled brats all they did was do a dang video on YouTube there are such many kids on YouTube singing a And Ellen randomly picked them really? I just hate them so much and I'm not jealous they are just spoiled as crap

Zack efron lover12323 2014-08-12
They deserve this movie also they are so cute .who ever did a bad review go jump in a well full of water!!!!!!!!!!!!&also jump in a lion cage full of hungry lions

Shenanigans on this 2014-07-22
And horrible again

Nionlights28 2014-07-13

smcneela 2014-07-06
It's okay but needs something....😷😷

Kid boynton 2014-06-29
Sofia grace and the other brat thinks they know it all. Just like on Ellen show and Sam and cat they r like oh we're so cute everyone loves us NO! They r soo hideous like that!

L_alsabah64 2014-06-27
OMG! This is the best movie so far in 2014 I replayed the movie maybe 23 times! It's amazing! ❤️ U Sophia and Rosie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ghjdbkkd 2014-06-27
I love it love the part when dancing on stage

Adawgandidizzle 2014-06-24
Terrible. Good effort, but TERRIBLE.

Lovebug711 2014-06-22
I loved the singing in the movie so if you like a movie with singing I suggest this

Bella877576 2014-06-18
I saw the trailer it looked cute!! But I do not want to judge a book by its cover.

Funny but Scary 2014-06-16
This movie was so amazing and I just loved it. It was great for the kids and my 3 year old daughter was just in love with it. She wants to be Sophia!! All I can say is, I love this movie and I would recommend it to little girls who love princesses!🌸

Lemondropings 2014-06-12
Soooo good!

Memow sing 2014-06-10
They can sing stupid Kelly1265 shut up and don't talk to people that way they are so adorable and CCCCCCUUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't listen to her Sophia grace and Rosie I loved it (by the way I mean the movie) it was great by Puppylove

Meganlovesbeauty 2014-06-10
I'm 14 and me and my friends loved it! Would of liked to see Rosie sing more but she is a great actor! I love this movie rent it then buy it! Every girly girl will love it!

Manfakkhans 2014-06-10
I like it a lot

Bellucha 2014-06-05
This Movie is "So Good" you must watch it ;)

Kelly1265 2014-06-03
This movie is a total waste my little cousin was watching it an she thought it was really boring an annoying. And honesty none of them can sing

Hanmers4TN 2014-06-02
Those girls seem like two little brats. This movie is very cheesy and of poor quality. TERRIBLE!!!!!

Tootie Lou 2014-06-02
Lower the price. Then me and my friends will buy this movie. Please bring it down to 7 dollars

Amazing:)$! 2014-05-29

Smileyyy3!!! 2014-05-28
Should I get it?i don't know so please reply

Shayshay Shannon 2014-05-28
They are so cute on Ellen

mrJJ2924 2014-05-26
These girls do not deserve a movie but I must admit it was adorable and fun!!

gem. Lim. 2014-05-25
Dear Sofia Grace and Rosie, I love the way u make stardom in this movie. U also rock with other celeberties such as nicki minaji from the visits of the Ellen Show. UR incredble. I also adore the music video from Sofia Grace "Girls Just Wanted Have Fun." U took it to a whole new level. I understand it is hard to become stardom, but please never give up this dream because it is so like u. Thanks. Gemma

Salomedusa 2014-05-24
I was giggling from start to finish! This movie charmed the socks off me. I find myself singing the songs... Such a great flick!

roselx 2014-05-24
This movie was the worst princess movie I EVER saw!!!!!!!! Very disappointed

Soleilsunnysunshine 2014-05-18
This movie will guarantee to bring a smile to your kids face and yours😊

Aaaaaaaaaabhsivucjs 2014-05-17
It is so good! It's funny and cute!

SK in Santa Monica 2014-05-16
The perfect princess movie with just the right amount of adorableness for both kids and adults! Plus, there’s an MC Hammer sequence — how many princess movies can claim that?

Rigbylady 2014-05-15
This was the best movie!! It's so much fun, my nieces LOVED it, and now they want to watch it all the time. The best part is, it's written really well and actually fun for adults too. I highly recommend this movie! So funny and smart. BUY IT!

JJSInCa 2014-05-14
My 3 little ones have asked to watch it every day since we downloaded it! Super cute, fun and has heart... Please tell me they are making a sequel?!

M25e 2014-05-14
For all you parents/grandparents/babysitters who are tired of watching boring children’s movies & TV shows over and over when your kids get hooked on something — BUY THIS MOVIE! It’s completely endearing, so witty and well-written...I could watch it over and over. The girls totally win you over, and the story and jokes appeal to everyone. It’s just a ton of fun! I’m stocking up to give them to every family with kids that I know.

Robert1234512345 2014-05-13
I bought this for my daughters over the weekend and they've watched it 4 times since then. I highly recommend it. I even watched it with them once and we all enjoyed it together. I've been humming the last song since Sunday. Lots of fun and it's very sweet.

SarahRoss 2014-05-12
"Sophia Grace and Rosie's Royal Adventure" is a very well-written, fun and funny, feel-good movie that encourages young people to be comfortable in their own skin. Princess Abigail develops the courage to be herself, and the real heroes of the story, Sophia Grace and Rosie, are great role models for doing this in a way that makes life a delightful adventure.

Clarissa15372 2014-05-12
Can someone please gift me with sophia grace and rosies royal adventure? I would really appreciate that. I really want to watch this movie with my family. Seems great.

Cathy0808 2014-05-12
This movie is sooooo cute! I loved it so much. I've already watched it twice :) Sophia Grace and Rosie are ADORABLE and it was so much fun to watch them have a princess adventure. I love love love it!

Jennifer Rose Everlee 2014-05-10
I've been a fan of Sophia Grace and Rosie ever since they started appearing on the Ellen Show. They're adorable. I've been looking forward to this movie ever since Ellen showed the preview of it and I absolutely loved it. Sophia Grace and Rosie are WONDERFUL in the movie. They are so charming and very funny. And I love how wholesome the movie is. It's the kind of film you can watch with the entire family, young and old, and everyone will find something to enjoy. There's spectacle for the little kids and there are many jokes for the adults. I would recommend this to everyone. As Sophia Grace says, it's so good!

Roisin0207 2014-05-09
This movie is so much fun for the whole family!

Ghada Alsaadi 2014-05-09
love the movie so much Sophia Grace and Rosie are so talented